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LED lights

proiettori LED

Our production has caught up incredible performances, with no competition at the same level.
This is confirmed by the official acknowledgments from part of the Institutions.
Nearly the totality of our products is carrying the certification in the highest classes of the European standard EN12352.

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Fixed systems

safety devices

Sequential LED light systems.
Kit photovoltaic power supply and mains power supply.
LED road markers.
Speed displays.
Safety devices.
LED traffic signs.
LED traffic lights.
Photovoltaic lighting kit.
Traffic counter.

LED pedestrian crossing

Visit our website dedicated to LED lighting for pedestrian crossings.

Road works

proietteri led basic210-211

New LED projectors: Basic 210 and Basic 211.
Road work LED warning lights.
LED sequencial light systems.
Portable LED traffic lights.
Guide barriers and dividing markers.
Directional arrows and LED light trailers.
Batteries and accessories.




LED lightbars, rotators and strobes.
LED modules.
Search lights.
Torches and emergency kit


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